Friday, November 11, 2005

Anti-Equality Schism?

Poor Ed and Sally Pawlick. They are the folks behind Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage. "MCM" for short. It appears that they feel the rest of the religiuos right extremist are not listening to them. It seems as if there is a schism between MCM and that other "delightful" group, the Massachusetts Family Institute.

From the Mass News web site:

As long as the citizens who favor traditional marriage continue to talk
about "religion", they will lose the gay marriage issue, says Sally Pawlick of
Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage (MCM).

"This is what Margaret Marshall wants us to do. It's why she inserted in
her ruling that 'many people hold deep-seated religious' convictions on the
subject. She is pleased to have everyone think of gay marriage as a 'religious'
issue. And we're helping her immensely.

"As an example, the President of MFI [Massachusetts Family Institute], Kris
Mineau, who is an ordained Protestant minister, said on Monday: 'This marriage
amendment is our last stand for traditional marriage in Massachusetts. We must not fall short of our goal. We effectively have 10 days left to get more signatures and turn them in to the town clerks.'"

MFI is the local chapter of the Christian "Focus on the Family"
organization based in Colorado Springs, which arrived here in 2004 and spent
millions of dollars in a vain effort to make this into a religious event.

"When we passed our successful "Protection of Marriage" Amendment in 2001,
we did so as a secular organization that was supported by many groups including
the Catholic Church and MFI. We had an Orthodox Jew as our Executive Director.

They then imply that the reason that Mainers voted for the "strongest law favoring homosexuals in the country" is because the anti-equality forces were led by the Christian Civic League of Maine instead of the 'secular' Maine Grassroots Coalition which had led previous successful battles. They also point out the Texas marriage admendment win was led by "a secular group, "Texans for Marriage"."

I remember when equality forces first started fighting for marriage equality. At the time it was felt to downplay the support of religious groups since the battle was for 'civil' marriage, not 'religious' marriage. Now groups such as the "Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry" play significant roles.

But another factor in the Mass News posting may just be sour grapes on the part of the Pawlicks. The MCM led the intial anti-equality battles in 2001 and 2002. Now MFI leads the assault.


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