Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Auto insurance

Arrrgh. This kills me. But I have to say that I agree with Mittwit on this one. I think the current system does not work that well. Our rates are higher than we would pay in other states. And why hasn't ATTORNEY GENERAL Reilly done anything about reducing fraud?


Gov. Mitt Romney and Attorney General Tom Reilly squared off Tuesday over
an overhaul of the state's auto insurance system, with Reilly opposing the
governor's efforts to add insurers and Romney accusing the attorney general of a
lack of leadership.

Even before the governor testified at a Statehouse hearing in favor of his
proposal, Reilly sent a letter to state lawmakers urging them to oppose the
Romney plan because, in his estimation, it does not address the need for
accident and fraud reduction, while offering little rate protection for
"The attorney general has been attorney general for seven years and he
wants to study auto insurance some more? Where is his plan? Where is his
legislation?" Romney said. "If he doesn't like mine, where's his? How long can
he study it without any conclusion? And only criticizing -- and calling for
slowing down -- is not the mark of a leader, certainly not one that has been in
office for seven years."


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