Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Healey Ignites On In-State Tuition

Unannounced Republican candidate for governor Kerry Healey weighted in on the in-state tuition college for the children of illegal immigrants the Boston Globe reports.

''Let them go to private schools if they want to," Healey said on WRKO
radio. Moments later, she repeated: ''Let them go to private schools."

Healey, a Republican positioning herself for a run for governor, made
her remarks during a heated, impromptu debate with Attorney General Thomas F.
Reilly, who had called into the ''John DePetro Show" to defend his support of a
bill that would allow in-state tuition rates to undocumented immigrants under
certain conditions.

If passed, the bill would allow children brought into the country illegally to
pay in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities, as long as they
have lived in Massachusetts for at least three years, have graduated from a Bay
State high school, and have signed a sworn affidavit affirming that they are
applying for US citizenship.

Deval Patrick, a Democrat and former Clinton administration lawyer who is vying
with Reilly for his party's gubernatorial nomination, raised the Marie
Antoinette analogy and said, ''None of us needs a governor or a lieutenant
governor as out of touch with the struggles of regular people as the lieutenant
governor apparently is."


Asked to explain the private-school comment in a telephone interview with
the Globe yesterday, Healey said: ''The point here is it's Tom Reilly who's out
of touch, because he doesn't understand that this is a key issue for
Massachusetts taxpayers. . . . I'm here to protect the taxpayers."


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