Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Mean Gene" O'Flaherty's Maneuvering

Mean Gene O'Flaherty (the State Rep for the repeat drunk drivers lobby) maneuvers bills in the legislature like a drunk driver going down the highway.

Boston Globe:
State Representative Eugene L. O'Flaherty, chairman of the Judiciary
Committee, said yesterday that he planned to send the House a bill today that
would force the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston to disclose its finances, a
significant advance that won high praise from its sponsors but also raised
suspicions over his motives.

House leaders could offer no assurances last night that the full House
would take up the bill before lawmakers finish their formal sessions Nov.

Last month, O'Flaherty, a Chelsea Democrat, came under fire from the bill's
advocates for not moving the financial disclosure legislation out of the
Judiciary Committee. The Catholic Church and other religious groups strongly
oppose the bill
But the fact that he plans to move the legislation to the House floor instead of
the Senate created a firestorm of concern among its advocates, suspicious that
O'Flaherty is still trying to block it. The move would mean that the chief
sponsor of the bill, Senator Marian Walsh, would not handle the bill

Secretary of State William F. Galvin, another sponsor of the bill, also
expressed concern over the anticipated parliamentary move. ''It is unusual for a
bill to go to the opposite branch from its sponsor," he said. ''It seems to be
an effort to keep the bill out of Senator Walsh's hands."

Fearing the Judiciary Committee would block the bill, Walsh, Galvin, and
former lieutenant governor Thomas P. O'Neill III took their concerns last month
to House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You say he maneuvers bills like a drunk driver but purport he was skilled in sending the bill to the House because it'll be killed there. Which are you suggesting: O'F is smartly killing the bill or he's weaving in & out of traffic recklessly. I love these blogs because it's amateurs like you who crack me up with all yer knowledge. Mike-you hate O'F because he's an Irish Catholic ethnic Democrat who would debate you and win on ANY matter and kick yer "ARSE" if you wanted to fight as well. You see, liberals like you never will like good Democrats like Bulger, Finneran, O'F & others because they're IRISH CATHOLIC.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

irish republican army sympathizer, solid ira connections in ireland, all thugs & intimidators

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also am aware of his connections in Ireland to a murderous bunch of thugs that are former IRA people, no wonder he represents Charlestown

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baystate is a LOSER!!!!!

9:04 AM  

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