Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mittwit Continues To Build

Unannounced Repunlican presidental candidate Mittwit Romney contiunes to build his presidental campaign organization.

Boston Globe:

Two campaign committees affiliated with Governor Mitt Romney have hired a
well-connected Iowa political consultant who played a key role in President
Bush's victory in the state in last year's presidential election.

The consultant, Gentry Collins, a former executive director of the Iowa
Republican Party, has been paid nearly $27,000 in recent months by the
Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee, a federal campaign panel
of the state Republican Party, and Commonwealth PAC, a group based in Michigan
that Romney supporters created earlier this year.

Collins's work for the two committees is another signal that Romney is
looking to make inroads in the key presidential state of Iowa, where he has
traveled at least twice this year as he considers a run for the White House in
2008. Commonwealth PAC has also strategically sprinkled thousands of dollars in
campaign contributions to local party groups and candidates in Iowa.


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