Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mittwit Fails Again

Remember when Mittwit Romney said he was going to build the GOP in Massachusetts. I don't think this is what he meant.

According to the Dover-Sherborn Press:

Three years after the newly elected Republican governor pledged to bring
Massachusetts closer to a true two-party state, the so-called Grand Old Party
has seen losses in the Legislature and in the voting rolls of most MetroWest and
Milford area towns.

Despite this activity, though, voter registration data shows fewer voters
in the region are signed on as Republican now than in the fall of 2002, when
Romney was elected.
Over the past three years the numbers and percentages of Republicans dropped, while the numbers and percentages of Democrats rose, in 11 of 18 area communities.
All 18 cities and towns have higher numbers and percentages of Democrats than Republicans this year. One town, Weston, had more Republicans than Democrats in the fall of 2002, but Republican losses since then in town put Democrats ahead this year.
In Dover, Republicans outnumber Democrats, 1,190 to 676; according to Town Clerk Barrie Clough, those numbers have been pretty steady for the last couple of years.
Over in Sherborn, Democrats have gained within a community long regarded as a Republican stronghold. In the 2002 state election, there were 563 Democrats and 761 Republicans who went to the polls. This year, according to the Town Clerk's
office, there are currently 713 Republicans registered to vote, with 703 Democrats.
Only three of the 18 communities saw any increase in Republicans since Romney took office. The number and percentage of Republicans rose modestly in Hopkinton and Milford over the three years. The number of Republicans increased slightly in Southborough, but the overall percentage of Republicans in the town dropped.
All 18 cities and towns, though, have mainly unenrolled voters, so a Republican that strikes a chord with voters has a shot. Romney won in MetroWest three years ago.


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